Are you ready to become a business owner?

What does it take to become a business owner?  When you really think about it have you ever been trained to become a business owner?  Right now the talk in the United States is about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  But who creates those jobs?  A business owner.  Running a business means that you are in control. It means that you have come up with an idea and you are doing what it takes to create something in the marketplace.

When you were growing up did your parents have jobs or a business?  Most people are groomed to go to school and get a job.  People expect to get a paycheck every couple of weeks.  A business owner has to think about things completely different.  A business owner thinks about profit and loss.  A business owner has to think about marketing and getting customers.  When you are an employee you just have to worry about doing your job well.

A business owner has to be concerned about making sales.  A business owner has to be flexible.  These are just a few traits of a business owner.  All you have to do is decide to become a business person.  Start searching for business opportunities and start thinking about how you can apply your skills in a new way.  One way to get started is to use the internet.  Internet businesses can help you avoid the high gas prices and commuting.  You can search for business opportunities that you can do from home. 

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