Affiliate Marketing without a stinking website

Do you have to spend money on web hosting to get into affiliate marketing? What about getting into affiliate marketing without a website?

Getting approved at the affiliate program is going to be the first hurdle. They may want you to have a website, but not all of them think that way. They just want you to deliver some sales. If you don’t make sales, they don’t have to pay you anything.

Getting your affiliate link means that you have some options. Avoiding the monthly web hosting fees means that you need to get creative.

Domain name shortening services may be a quick option. You have seen these services all over the web. You enter your affiliate link and get a short link that you can use instead.

Buy your own domain name and forward it to your affiliate link. You can pick up cheap domains by using coupon codes. Get that inexpensive domain name and then start using it online and offline.

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You don’t have to pay for a website to get into affiliate marketing. Just start thinking about creative ways to get your affiliate links in front of the hungry market.

Free pdf ebooks or social media sites may also provide a way to share your information online. Don’t forget about creating audio podcasts that can be downloaded.

Some affiliate programs give you coupon codes that you can distribute instead of a link. When your prospects enter the coupon code, you get credited with the sale.

Affiliate marketing can be done in different ways. Make sure to tap into your creativity to come up with new solutions for driving traffic to your offers.

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