Affiliate Marketing Truths

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Working from home means that you are running your own business. What is your business model? What are you really selling? Are you going to have a product that is a repeat seller? The simple way to get started in business from home is to setup your own website and then add affiliate offer links. The only problem is that it might not turn into real money for a while. You can spend a lot of time writing articles and posting links with little to show for it. A home business is still a business and you have to think about it that way.

Affiliate marketing can be hit or miss. There are going to be costs involved with running your online business. Web hosting and domain names are just two that come to mind. Sure, you could use free blogging services, but you run the risk of getting the sites shut down and you losing all of your work. Creating a mailing list is just one money item that you can add to the expense list.

How are you going to make your blogging efforts profitable? There is plenty of competition when it comes to online businesses. Blogs are getting launched left and right. How are you going to make your blog stand out from the crowd. How long will you continue to write content without seeing any returns before you decide to throw in the towel? Running an online business is going to take money. There are other sites online where you can earn a few extra dollars online. This could help defray the everyday expenses of running your sites. Sites like textbroker and odesk come to mind. It won’t pay a lot of the bills, but it could keep your sites live on a monthly basis.

Is it time to face the fact that you might have to get from behind the computer to actually get face to face with clients? Hitting the streets to sell websites to small businesses is probably not what you had in mind. It might be a way to help generate some affiliate commissions for web hosting and domain name registrations.

Those clickbank videos make it seem so easy to earn income online. Are you tired of your clickbank accounts sitting on all zeros? I know that I am. Writing articles and posting them on article directories doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Now I guess it is time to start trying new methods of generating traffic and making online sales.

The idea of affiliate marketing is easy to understand. You drive traffic to your site and add a few affiliate links and people take those offers. But without that traffic, nothing happens. What is it that the successful clickbank marketers are doing different?

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