Affiliate Marketing Tips – Setting Up Affiliate Websites

Setting up websites is super simple for the online business owner.  There are many different directions that the online business owner can take when it comes to creating websites.  The first step is getting good quality web hosting at a great price.  Web hosting that allows a business owner to grow make the most sense online.  Why get a web hosting account that only allows you to create one website?  Get the web hosting account that allows the business owner to grow and go into new directions.

Low cost web hosting accounts can be purchased for under 10 dollars a month.  One of the top web hosts is hostgator dot com.  Find promotion codes that can save business owners money ( promo code getwebhosting ).

Getting the web hosting squared away is the start.  The next step is selecting the best way to setup the affiliate site.  Wordpress is a blog system that doubles as a content management system.  The quick install of wordpress is available with hostgator.  Follow the simple online prompts and the site is immediately created with a basic setup.

Affiliate Marketing – Header

WordPress sites come with basic wordpress themes.  The wordpress theme consists of a number of different files.  Theme options allow the wordpress user to change features and colors.  Think about wordpress themes like clothes.  They can be changed quickly and give a completely different look.

The header is the top area of the blog.  A wordpress theme header can be an image or simple text.  The wordpress header area also contains an area for the blog description.  This information can be changed in the wordpress options of the wordpress dashboard.  Some wordpress themes have areas that can include affiliate banner ad placement.

Affiliate Marketing – Sidebar

WordPress themes come with different styles and types.  Think about wordpress themes in terms of newspaper columns.  There are 2 column wordpress themes, 3 column wordpress themes and specialized themes.  Wordpress themes come with a main body where the blog posts appear and they usually have a sidebar or two depending on the theme design.  Sidebars contain information that is usually visible all the time.  This can be a good area to post affiliate links and banners.

Affiliate Marketing – Footer

The footer area of a wordpress theme is at the bottom.  Think about a basic microsoft word document.  The footer area is basically the same.  It is a content area at the bottom of the theme.  The information in the footer area is always visible.  This is another good area for affiliate information.

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