Affiliate Marketing Tips – Promoting Affiliate Products with Free Ebooks

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The web is filled with information and there is one thing that is true, information is only going to grow. More and more devices lead to more and more information. Free ebooks are going to be in demand. Now you can add your affiliate links into those free ebooks that you give away.

Ebooks can be really targeted at the right audience and they don’t have to cost a lot of money to produce. You probably have all the information that you need to create a quick ebook. A simple word processor and a program that can convert your document into a pdf is all that you need.

Take your free ebook to the next level by adding your own graphics and images. You could take photos with your digital camera or you could use a free image program to create quick jpegs or gifs. This could be something as simple as typing text and turning them into images.

Your new document will be filled with helpful information that your target audience cannot ignore. After you have all the content created, you now have choices when it comes to the affiliate marketing agenda. Create a resources page with affiliate links to products and services that you find helpful. Go back through your content and find the keywords that are related to your affiliate offers and hyperlink those words. Now when your ebook readers are flipping through the pages of your book and they see that link and click it, it can be opportunity to earn an affiliate commission.

All of the links in your ebook don’t have to be affiliate links. You might want to drive some of the traffic from the ebook to a blog or to a few of your youtube videos. Think about placing links in the header and footer area. Your ebook could be a web traffic generator.

Transforming your document into a pdf is really simple. It might not even require downloading any special software. Some word processing programs come with a save as pdf option. Name your pdf and you are ready to distribute your new ebook online.

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