Affiliate Marketing Tips – Posting Free Articles for Traffic to CPA Offers

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One of the many ways to get web traffic is to use free article marketing tactics.  The advantages of writing articles are many.  First of all, many people want to promote affiliate links using free methods.  Free marketing options might save you some money and allow you to use your creativity to turn nothing into something valuable.

Cost Per Action Benefits

Writing articles that focus on areas and topics related to your cpa offers is not new.  More and more people are going to try to apply this form of marketing.  Articles can have long term staying power and that is one reason that people like using them to promote products.  The only issue with using articles to promote cpa offers is that cpa offers can expire.  You don’t want to directly promote cpa affiliate links with your articles.  You don’t want to send traffic to web links that are no longer active.

You will see it all the time on some of the top article directories.  There are people that spend a lot of time and effort, writing good articles and then when you click on the link to learn more information, you find that the link drives you to an error page.  This can be a missed opportunity in your online marketing business. Make sure that you are sending your online web traffic to a site or a blog that will be active when the traffic gets there.

Where should you send the traffic from the articles that you write?  Some marketers decide not to waste those hard earned prospects.  Sending those prospects to a blog where you have an optin page for a mailing list or a newsletter can be a good long term strategy for building affiliate income. Write evergreen articles with really good keyword optimized headlines and drive the traffic to a location that allows for multiple points of contact in the future.  This way you don’t have to be concerned about an offer expiring.  You get them on your list and you can build a long term relationship and promote multiple products in the future.

The name of the game is long term lead generation for your online business and you have to look at it that way.  Cost per action offers come in all shapes and sizes.  Many are email submits that pay you a dollar or two at most.  Sometimes cpa marketers might be looking at the short term income and ignoring the long term income.  People say that they are on the look out for passive income.  When you build an email list, you are giving yourself an asset that you can tap into the future without much extra effort.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Posting free articles and driving the prospects to your sign up sheet is a small change that you can implement.  Get started with one of the top email marketing companies and start thinking about the long range plans for your online marketing business.  You are building a customer list.  Free articles are not free.  You are spending time leveraging your creativity and creating the articles that zero in on your target audiences problems and dreams.  Make sure that your articles are doing double duty and not being wasted.

Earning Money with a Blog

There is nothing wrong with adding cpa offers to your blog to earn income.  Writing content for your blog and getting immediate quick income with email submits is not a bad idea.  Just remember to take a long term view of your business.

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