Affiliate Marketing Tips – Online Marketing What about Offline Marketing

Companies want more leads for their business.  They turn to affiliates.  Affiliates might have some different methods for getting people to click to view the offers.  Affiliates operate within the rules.  It is like coloring inside the lines.   They take a look at the parameters of the program and they find ways to get the job done.

The question is where do affiliates get those leads.  Is it all online or does offline marketing come into play?  Everybody is thinking about online marketing when they think of affiliate marketing.  Online web marketing that focuses on driving traffic with blogging, videos and banners is common knowledge.  Who hasn’t heard about buying a quick domain name, setting up web hosting and placing affiliate links?

There are lots of people walking around in the real world that might not be thinking about your online offers.  Is there a chance to grab those offline real people with great messaging to turn them into online conversions?

Offline marketing is going on all the time.  You see signs when you are driving to the grocery store.  You see big signs while you are driving on the free way.  Flyers are handed out in parking lots and you are getting hit with ads every few minutes when you are listening to the radio.  This is real world marketing.

A domain name can forward to an affiliate link.  The process is really simple to do.  It only takes a few minutes and you can have a great looking affiliate link that looks like a regular web address.  Just make sure that the affiliate program you are using is okay with offline marketing.

What about printing up reports or documents that can be given away?  Including a domain name that forwards to an affiliate offer is a slick way of bringing in more traffic.

The big trend that is marching forward is mobile marketing.  How can you get in front of the big mobile marketing push and drive traffic to affiliate offer?  This is something that you have to test and try.

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