Affiliate Marketing – Tips for getting started online

The new affiliate is looking to make money online. Joining affiliate programs left and right. Watching all the videos showing the money that can be made with affiliate marketing really gets the juices flowing. Getting approved with new affiliate networks opens the doors of online opportunities. Getting in is just the start. Logging in to see that you have no commissions can get old really fast. The only thing worse than having no commissions is having a lot of traffic with no commissions.

How is the new affiliate going to generate web traffic and make internet sales? Blogging doesn’t cost much money to get started but getting the traffic is still an issue. New blogs are launched all the time and trying to build up a following can be tough out of the gate.

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Article marketing still involves writing and search engine optimization. Are you going to crack open the textbooks and learn find the right keywords for your articles? Use the free google keyword tool to find the keywords that people are searching with.

Writing is time consuming. But what happens when articles start to take off and deliver web visitors to your site? Take advantage of all the promotional materials offered by the affiliate network. Banner and text ads are the tools at your disposal. Are you going to use the sidebar of your blog to promote offers? What about a banner ad in the header?

Text ads may be the key to your affiliate marketing efforts. When you are writing blog posts are you going to create contextual ads. You may be writing articles on how to make money and decide to include text links for get paid to sites. Text ads may work in the sidebar too. They don’t take up as much space and it can make the site design more clean. Some website owners may not want to have a lot of banner ads placed all over the site but others may not have problem with it. Site design is something that the new affiliate will have to work out for themselves.

How do you find something that people are generally interested in online? Are you going to start with what you like and try to find others that share your interests? For example, what if you love football? Are there other people that like your favorite team? Blogging about football could lead to internet traffic. What about your hobbies? There may be a whole group of people online that love your hobby too. This could be the perfect area to jump into with your affiliate marketing efforts. Just make sure to get affiliate links for products that fit your market.

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