Affiliate Marketing Tips – Driving More Traffic to Affiliate Offers

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Everybody wants more web traffic and more web conversions. People are looking for all the shortcuts online that can help lead to instant sales. There are many different ways to get web traffic for your affiliate offers, but they are going to take work. The other alternative is to open your wallet and start paying for internet traffic. The only downside to paying for traffic is that you still might not be successful in making sales or conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Quick Videos

Writing a lot of content online is one way that people go after traffic. Websites and blogs are constantly getting updated. The search engines love those blogs that keep putting out good info. You might be missing out on a whole other set of traffic. You might be missing out on the people who don’t like to read. Reading long blog posts might not be something that you target audience is interested. They might be more motivated to watch a video instead.

The key is that more people are connecting to the web with smartphone and mobile devices. They might not want to spend a lot of time reading, but they could be ready to watch a short entertaining video. There is a reason that sites like youtube are taking off.

Creating videos doesn’t have to be hard. The other point of using videos is the possibility of your video going viral. What if you create a video that becomes an instant hit online. People can start to share it with their friends and your message gets many more views that you could have ever expected.

Video doesn’t have to be a big time production. There are simple and easy ways to create short videos. Not all videos have to deal with entertainment either. One big reason that people watch video and search online is to get answers to problems. Think about the big problems with your audience. Create tutorials and other information that fills the need. We are still talking about affiliate marketing here, so you could include a link in the description or inside the video that drives traffic to your blog or site. You might even be able to get away with having affiliate links inside the content of your video.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Ezine Marketing Mailing List

Create your own newsletter or ezine. People still have email accounts and a newsletter or ezine is another way to share information. Blogs and landing pages are great ways to get newsletter subscribers. You could even use article marketing to help get people on your new list.

Email lists are great because you can build a relationship. When people are searching for information online, they can immediately hit the back button if they want and they could be gone from your site forever. If you can get prospects to sign up for your newsletter, you can continue the dialog for as long as they stay on the list. This can provide a regular opportunity to share information and affiliate offers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Audio Marketing

All of your prospects are not going to love reading blog posts. Make sure that you are covering all the bases by providing access to your information in different formats. You might have a ton of written content that is not really that successful. Don’t let your content waste away online on a dormant blog or an article directory. Give your content new life in a different format. Think about creating audio files that are saved in the mp3 format. Your target audience might not be ready to read a super long article online, but they might be willing to listen to information on their ipod or listen to it on their computer through itunes. People can listen to information with their mp3 players or smartphones. How can you leverage audio for your affiliate offers? Just make sure to say the name of your blog ( or forwarded domain names ) a few times in your podcast.

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