Affiliate Marketing Tips – Contextual Ads and Amazon Associates for Passive Income

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One of the benefits of blogging is that you can setup a site and get traffic in the future. You can create blog posts today that have an evergreen nature and continue to get traffic off of them later on. One way to capitalize and monetize your blog is through the use of affiliate programs. There are different affiliate programs that you can choose from.

Choosing an Advertising Program for Your Blog

Are you going to focus on contextual ad programs or are you going to deal with affiliate networks? It all depends on what you are looking for. Contextual ad programs can be more hands off. Just copy and paste the ad code into your blog and get back to blogging. But there are other ways to earn income. Amazon associates is the affiliate program for the big amazon website. They focus on physical products and this could also be a long term income opportunity for your blog.

Making money with contextual ads

Text ads are a great way to advertise on your blog. They don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb on your blog. You can blend the ads in with the rest of your site. Change the colors of the contextual ads to match the designs of your blog. You are not trying to trick your web visitors, but just making your site look better. You don’t want your blog to have a set of colors and then have your contextual ads with a completely different color palette.

Think about where you want to place your ads. There are different programs that can help you with your ad placements. Are you going to place ads in the blog header? What about the blog sidebar? Some blogs even have contextual ads placed inside of the actual blog post. You will need to play around with the ad placements to see what is the most effective areas on your blog.

Making money with amazon associates

Physical products are a potential source of income for your blog. Amazon associates is a popular affiliate marketing program to add to your blog. The commissions on products start off low, but you have the added benefit of a trusted online store in Amazon.

Your blog visitors will recognize amazon. They have already probably purchased something from the site in the past and it is a name that they know. Getting started with the amazon associates program is pretty straight forward. The only issue that you might run into is if the amazon associates program is not allowed in your state. Not much that you can do to get around that. But if you are in a state that allows the amazon associates affiliate program, you are in luck.

Amazon Associates Banner Ads

Amazon has a ton of banner ads that you can use on your blog. They have season banners and they have them broken down by areas on the site. Placing banners on your blog is really simple. Just sign into the Amazon Associates site and find the size and banner that you want. Copy and paste the code from amazon into your blog and you are all set.

Amazon Associates Text Ads

If you don’t want large banners on your blog, you can always use text ads. Find the products that you want to promote and select the text link ad. You can customize the text that shows up on your blog. Text link ads don’t jump out as advertising to your readers. Some blog owners might want to keep the number of graphics low on the blog. It can help keep the readers focused on the content.

Amazon Associates Widgets

There are many different ways to advertise amazon products. They also have widgets that you can include on your blog. Create a list of products that you think are great for your readers. Add them to a widget and include it on the blog. Your blog readers can flip through the widget to view more products in one place on your site.

There are lots of affiliate programs that you have access to for your blog. Think about the long term when planning your blog. Contextual Ads and the Amazon Associates program can be tools to help you earn income with your blog sites.

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