Affiliate Marketing – Spending Little to NO Money

Break into the affiliate marketing game without spending a lot of money.  There are a few free tools that you can use to get started.  You will need to have a few things before moving forward with your free online marketing strategy.

Companies are looking for more customers and you can use your skills to help bring them in.  This is all that affiliate marketing really breaks down to.  Can you come up with creative ways to get people to visit a website?  You don’t have the money, but you have time and you have a good mind that can come up with all kinds of creative solutions.

Millions of businesses use Weebly to create websites.

Getting a website might be a big stumbling block.  You can go to the online forums and see threads where people talk about the high cost of getting a website started.  It just goes to show you that some people don’t have access to the right information.  There are plenty of website companies that have free solutions that you can use to get started with your lead generation plan.

Getting signed up with free web hosting and find a good domain name shortening service.  These two key pieces are essential in your affiliate marketing and lead generation course of action.  Affiliate networks give you links to products.  The affiliate links can be long and really not look great to the regular web visitor or person reading your affiliate link offline.  So you want to mask your affiliate link with a free domain name shortened url or your very own domain name that you buy from a domain name company.  We are talking about keeping the costs down when getting into this business and you can save money on domain names by using promo codes.

Once you get your affiliate link, make it short or forward your new domain name to it.  Now, you can start coming up with clever ways to get targeted traffic to your links.  Blogging is a free way to get traffic.  The free website that you setup online is going to be your driving force for online traffic.  Free does not always mean cheap.  You are going to spend something to get into the affiliate marketing biz, you are going to spend time.

You will need to spend time coming up with your audience.  You will need to find the keywords and the places where your audience is spending time.  You have to get attention in those areas.  Writing might not be your thing, but it is still the web and there are more than just one option when it comes to traffic generation.  You can start creating videos to get more web views.

There are free programs that you can use to make good looking videos.  You might have a camera and take a bunch of pictures that you can turn into slideshow movies.  Remember to think about being creative with your time.  Don’t forget about the word leverage.  How can you get more miles from your online and offline efforts.  Getting a free website, a blog and using your creative skills are the way to get into affiliate marketing by spending little to no money.

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