Affiliate Marketing – Shareasale

There are lots of different affiliate networks to choose from.  One that you should take a quick look at is shareasale.  Getting started is pretty quick.  Get your site up to par and make sure that you have some quality content.  Your blog sidebar does not have to be naked for long.

Get some Shareasale banners and add them to your niche site.   They have lots of different vendors that you can choose from.  The dashboard is simple to use and you can do a simple or advanced search to find what you are looking for.

What about using the Shareasale text links?  Do you want to blend your ads into the site?  Some online readers get ad blindness when they see too many ads.  Adding simple text links helps them blend in the with rest of your content.  Using these types of ads don’t take the attention away from your basic design.

How do you get access to the affiliate programs?  You have to apply to the affiliate programs inside shareasale.  They show the terms and conditions of the program and the restrictions.  Some vendors have set up Shareasale auto approval.  If you see the auto approval icon, you can get approved without a problem.

There is a new way to earn online and offline called pay per call.  Some affiliate networks are just starting to roll this form of advertising into the marketplace.  You can get access to pay per call through shareasale.  The Shareasale pay per call requires that you apply to each program.  When you get approved, you can get phone numbers assigned to your account.  This should be right on your radar.  Think about all the people with cellphones and smartphones.  Just another way to potentially earn income with the program.

Don’t forget about one more way to earn income online.  Look at the Shareasale affiliate referral program.  You can earn money for referring other good affiliates.  Get your links and promote them on your sites.

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