Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide

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Domain names

Pick up domain names for your affiliate marketing business.  You might not really need to have domain names to do affiliate marketing, but they can make your affiliate links look a whole lot better.  The affiliate networks give you affiliate links and they can be really long and ugly.  You can make them look better by masking the domain and forwarding it to the long affiliate link.

You can find domain name deals just by doing an online search.  The domain name reg companies run deals all the time.  Just pay attention to the rules for taking the offer.  A good short domain name that is easy to remember should be your goal.

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Web Hosting

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Affiliate Marketing Networks

You have to get access to affiliate programs.  So go ahead and start applying for access.  Just fill out the forms and see what they have to say.  They will give you a couple of responses.  They might immediately approve you.   They might decline you.  Some programs might tell you to come back later and apply again in the future.  All you really care about it getting in.  Some programs are not really hard to get approved.  You probably want to start with them.

Don’t worry about getting rejected.  It is just a process that you have to go through.  After you get accepted, start considering how you are going to bring the traffic to your offers.


What about offline marketing?  You might be able to generate traffic to your online sites with offline marketing.  Flyers can be as complex or a simple as you want to make them.  You can find lots of offline marketing guides online that can walk you through the offline marketing options.

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