Affiliate Marketing Questions

How many different online niches are you going to target?  It is really easy to setup a website, but it takes time and effort to keep the site growing and moving in the right direction.

How many sites are too many?  You can easily start a website or blog.  How can you tell when you have went too far?  Are you having a hard time creating more content?  Are your sites not getting updated?  It might be time to start thinking about how you can turn the situation around.

Do you have a real business plan for your online sites?  They are so easy to start, but you might not really have a real idea of how and what you want to do with your sites once they go live.

How can you tell when a site is not working?  Your site might not be getting any traffic.  Your site might not be making any money.  Should you just throw in the towel or come up with a new strategy to turn your sites into better online options?

Would you ever consider paying for web traffic?  Posting lots of content that still does not turn into web traffic might require taking a different approach to getting people to view your information.  Paying for web traffic might be a solution.

The search for free and cheap web traffic is main source of making it online.  You have to have the traffic to have a chance at presenting offers or services.  Without the web traffic, your site doesn’t have a chance.

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