Affiliate Marketing Morning Wake Up

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Wake up and head on over to your laptop computer. Get the coffee maker going to get that fresh brew to get the juices going. As the coffee starts to drip brew, it is time to turn your attention back to the computer. The first thing that you want to do is check your email to see what is going on.

Put the cell phones and smartphones on the charger. It is time to get ready for the day. Fire up your favorite web browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are the favorites. Check out the huffington post and view the small business section. Open up the drudge report to see what is at the top of the page. After getting through the daily news, it is time to fire up your emails to see what is happening there.

You are probably on a lot of different internet marketing email lists. You start to notice the same new internet marketing products getting promoted by all the top marketers. This is the perfect way to see how to market your own affiliate products through email. Check the headlines. Check the structure of the emails. How many different calls to action are in the emails? Ever wondered why the emails are so short width wise? Maybe they are formatting them for people on mobile devices or smartphones.

The email inbox is full of all kinds of stuff, but you just skim some of the titles and then close it down. Nothing really too important. You were looking for any updates on all of those cpa networks that you applied to recently. Might have to check the spam filter just in case they got picked up and moved from the inbox. Dang! Applied to Neverblue but they turned me down. Too bad, so sad. Not. You still have plenty of other affiliate networks that you belong to. Take the no in stride and start thinking about new ways to promote offers.

Log in to your affiliate accounts to see what is happening. There are new offers to consider. Check the stats. Any new conversions? Peerfly is great with that plugin for the web browser. Just hit the icon and you are updated with what is going on.

Head on over to the warrior forum and see what the latest threads are. Check for the new wsos. Anything interesting in the offline marketing section? Maybe head on over to the emillionsforum to see what is going on over there.

Turn on the tv and point your browser at cnbc. Open up a new broswer tab window and get ready to start brainstorming new articles for the article directories. This is how you might start your day with internet and affiliate marketing.

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