Affiliate Marketing – Buying and Selling

How are you going to make your affiliate marketing business work?  Sending your traffic directly to the offers does not really create a business.  You don’t have a way to stay in contact with the traffic that you generate.

Building a List

Getting the prospect names and creating leads in your area means having more chances to sell.  What if they don’t like what you have to sell the first time?  They are off of your pages and on to the vendors page.  They might not come back to your webpage.  Getting email address contact information means that you can create more content and build up a relationship over time.  They might not like your first offer, but they might want something else that you have in your affiliate marketing inventory.

Designing Your Traffic Flow

Direct linking is the simple affiliate marketing flow.  You place the links on your sites and when prospects click the links, they go off to the vendor page.  Write down a simple flow that you want the prospect to go through.  A pen and a pad can help add some clarity to your traffic flow.

Article Marketing

Writing articles can be time consuming, but articles can be long term selling options.  Once the articles are created, they are ready to work.  Information can be in demand one year and out of the mainstream the next year.  Some types of information can get repackaged and get popular again.  Start thinking of ways to leverage the information that you have.  Get them online in different forms.  Articles can lead to ebooks or other information types.  Get creative and get your articles discovered.

Keywords for Articles

There are different ways of saying the same thing.   People use keywords to look for information.  Each generation has their own ways of communicating.  The terms you used in high school might not considered hip these days.  Can you come up with the keywords for your target market?  Start paying attention to the new ways that your target market is talking to each other and searching for information.


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