Affiliate Marketing – Blogs, Domain Names and Domain Name Forwarding

Marketing can be done offline or online.  It is happening all the time.  Find the programs that you want and then start turning in your applications.  They only have a couple of ways to respond to you.  They can tell you yes or they can tell you no.  It is really puzzling to see when a vendor decides to turn you down for marketing their products.  You are trying to help them make more money and to help yourself to make more. The only thing to remember is that there are plenty of programs to work with and if some don’t want to work with you, it is okay.

What is affiliate marketing? It is like sales, but not really hard sales.  With affiliate marketing, you are just directing people to offers.  You might directly promote a product or not.  You could have a website that is getting traffic in a niche, but you want more than just google ads.  You could find some programs that are related to your niche and place those offers on your site.  Writing reviews might be one way to direct traffic to your offers online.

The affiliate networks will give you a link to track your sales.  The link might look too great in the raw form.  It is really not a big deal.  Your web readers will not know the difference anyway.  If you are hyperlinking your content, they will just see the link text and not the link.   You could take the extra step to make your link look better by using domain names.  You can find web domain names for low prices.  You can attach your affiliate link to the domain through forwarding.   When you forward a domain, it will jump to the link that you provide.  It is just like number portability with cell phones.

Affiliate marketing and blogging can work together like peanut butter and jelly.  Blogs get updated with new content and they are great ways of sharing information.  A blog could be a good place to add affiliate links.  Earning money with a blog is a hot topic.  Most people think about just using contextual ads for blogs, but affiliate offers and cost per action offers might work there too.

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