Affiliate Marketing and Squidoo

Affiliate marketing is a popular topic online. Squidoo is a popular social site that can be a good place to put your information. Squidoo doesn’t frown on affiliate marketing.

Create different modules and interact on the site. You get points for doing stuff like that. Squidoo has points and levels. The higher your point totals, the higher your levels. You get access to more stuff on squidoo with higher levels.

Create lens that are evergreen. Squidoo is not an article directory. You don’t get people to republish your squidoo pages. Squidoo users can let other people know how good your information is though. Squidoo makes it easy to share your pages on other sites. They can give your squidoo pages a vote of confidence by hitting the squid like button. If you have good graphics and images, your squidoo page might get a like on pinterest.

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There are lots of different places to post your content online. You can post on your own sites and that is the first place that you should. Squidoo can be a good option for gaining a new audience. Squidoo users will sign your guestbook and make comments if you provide those modules in your lenses.

Remember is squidoo is an online community. Learn the rules and start to use squidoo. It can be a great place to post information on affiliate marketing, but it is also a great place to learn more about affiliate marketing and other business information. You can use the search function to find info on all kinds of subjects.

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