Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Offers without a good plan

Getting those affiliate marketing network approvals is an exciting time, but the fun starts to wear off quickly. The internet marketer soon starts to realize that they need to send some traffic to the offers or they will soon get booted from the program.

There are just so many affiliate options to choose from and the web marketer has to come up with a strategy. Setting up lots of websites might be hard for some to do, but once they learn the trick to creating quick sites, it is nothing.

Come up with a plan. The weekend football games are over, but there is an important feature of games that should be included in your online business of affiliate marketing. The idea is to create a plan. The game of football is governed by plans. In football, they call them plays, but really they are just plans. The offense gets into a huddle, and sets the plan into motion. They snap the ball and test their plans against the defensive plans. The result of the play is dependent on the execution of the plans. What is your plan for your affiliate business?

Getting the affiliate links is like getting that box of candy to sell in grade school. You have the product, but can you find the people that want to take the offer. Where are you going to sell your online candy bars ( affiliate offers )? Selling online means coming up with a message and getting that message in front of the right audience.

Selling the digital candy is a little bit different from the milk chocolate bars in the old days. Online affiliate marketing has lots of different options and your prospects can have a short attention span. Affiliate marketing is about more than just linking to offers. Doing that part is easy, but it is getting the converting traffic that is the difficult part.

What are you going to do? Some marketers look at creating informational sites and hope for the search engines to deliver the traffic. Other marketers decide to pay for the traffic. Some marketers try more than just writing words on a page to get traffic. They might make videos and hope that the video can start going viral.

If you are not using videos, you should consider it. A good video can make people tell others. Just the other day, I was on youtube watching videos. One good part about watching videos on youtube is that they promote other videos that you might like. I don’t know how I landed on a video from the real husbands of hollywood, but watching one episode was enough to make me tell another person. Videos for affiliate marketing might have a similar type of impact.

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