Affiliate Cash – Working from home on the web

Getting on to the internet use to be a big deal.  Do you remember america online?  It would take a long time just for a computer to boot up.  Those days are over.  Now getting on teh internet and getting information is easy.  Even the little kids can use tablet computers to play games and get information.

The key to remember about the web is that people are looking for more information.  The information can be simple and easy or really complex.  It didn’t take long for people and businesses to start using the internet to make money.  Advertising use to be a small part of the web.  Now, ads are all over the web.

The web is now the place to go to earn income.  People remember the gold rush era.  Anytime you get a new way to make money, people start flocking to it.  Now more people want to know about earning income using the internet.

making money with marketing

There are lots of changes happening in business with the web coming into the front of marketing.  Technology changes improved businesses.  Do you remember the old jobs before the internet?  There were people that worked as travel agents.  There were lots of middle managers.  Computers and the web brought information closer to the end user.  A person looking for plane tickets didn’t need to talk to a travel agent.  They could just open a web browser and see the flights and prices available.

Buying stuff online opened the doors for new business models.  Computers are cheap and the web turned pages of information into 24 hour a day salespeople.  Bringing in more information gives regular people more options on pricing and choice.

The web also changed a lot of business models. The brick and mortal shops started getting more competition from the digital world.  There were lots of retail shops that didn’t make it.  You might have remembered the video rental market.  VHS tapes were the main way that people watched movies.  It is hard to find new vhs players these days.  You might be able to pick them up at a second hand store or on ebay.  What changed?  Technology improved and changed the way business was done.   Change does not stop when it comes to business.  VHS tapes got replaced with dvds and dvd players.   Before long the local vhs video stores started getting replaced with bigger national stores like blockbuster.  Tech keeps getting better and the internet brings in new biz opportunities.

internet marketing and offline marketing

The web took away a lot of jobs, but the internet also brought new types of business models into the fold.  With better tech and lower costs, a person could setup their own web based business from home.  The prices of computers keep falling.  The internet brings in more low priced information and more chances to make money.

affiliate programs

Businesses need to get more customers and the web was a great way to connect more people.  Companies could run television ads or send out lots of direct mail and print publications, but that can costs lots of money.  The internet can be a low cost way to get more customers.

Affiliate programs can help companies get more new customers with a different biz model.  Companies have lots of products and services to sell.  Affiliates get a chance to market those items and if they can make sales or generate new leads, they can earn commissions.

video marketing for affiliate income

There are lots of ways that affiliates market products.  They could write content, make videos or even use paid marketing services to drive traffic to offers.  Video marketing is getting really popular with affiliates.   Learn more about the affiliate marketing business model.

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