7 Tips for Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

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Ready to get started with affiliate marketing?  First.  It is not hard to get going with affiliate marketing.  You just have to decide to do it.  There are a few things that you can put into place to help with the smooth transition into becoming an affiliate marketer.

Start coming up with an affiliate marketing plan.  Come up with some goals that you want to achieve.  Goals can help you focus your attention.

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Setup a blog
  3. Start joining affiliate programs
  4. Start joining affiliate networks
  5. Decide the niches that you want to target
  6. Decide on the traffic methods that you want to use
  7. Get an email newsletter going

Buy a domain name

Why buy a domain name?  You don’t really have to have a domain name to get started with affiliate marketing, but it could help.  It just shows that you are serious.  When you start trying to get into affiliate programs which comes later, you want to have a plan that includes a good looking website.  The vendors on the other side are going to check your plan and if you have a site.  They want to know where and how you are going to be promoting the offers.  Get a domain name to add some flexibility.  You can setup a site or even forward a subdomain to your affiliate offers.

Setup a blog

Are you  a great web developer or web designer?  It doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to be one.  Use blogging or content management software to create a solid looking website for your affiliate marketing operations.  You can setup a good looking blog in minutes.  Get a blog header designed or use text for your header.  If you are still worried about setting up  a blog, you can go to fiverr and get someone to do it for you.  Make sure to get your own web hosting service to provide maximum options for your affiliate marketing operations.

Start joining affiliate programs

Now to the big time.  Drop all the fear and start applying to affiliate programs.  There are a ton of them online.  Fill out the applications and don’t wait for the approvals.  Find the affiliate programs that are interested in and get your app completed.  They will either let you in or reject you.  Rejection is just a part of life.  Keep it moving.  If one program won’t let you in, don’t worry about it.  There are others.  There are lots of affiliate program.  Start first with some of the products and services that you already use.  Check to see if they have a program and apply.

Start joining affiliate networks

What is the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network?  Affiliate networks are the middlemen of the affiliate marketing business.  They bring vendors into the network and they bring affiliates into the network.  This means that affiliates don’t have to hunt for affiliate programs and vendors can easily find affiliates.  Apply to affiliate networks and start getting access to products.  You can think of the networks as one stop shopping.  After you get approved with some networks, you get access to everything they have.  Other networks might still require you to get approved with each vendor.

Decide on the niches you want to target

Do you have niche?  What is a niche?  You can substitute niche for category.  What group do you want to supply?  What category do you want to offer products to?  Think about large niches.  Exercise, dating, and business are just a few.  You can pick and choose what you want to focus your efforts on.

Decide on traffic methods

How are you going to drive traffic to the affiliate offers?  Some people like blogging.  Others might use email marketing.   Is video traffic your favorite traffic method?  What about using social media?  There are lots of different traffic methods.  You just need to make sure you understand the rules for the products that you are promoting.  Some products have traffic restrictions.

Start an email newsletter

Yep.  People still read their email.  Why do you need an email program?  Getting web traffic can be hit or miss.  You don’t want let your prospects slip through your fingers. Getting email sign ups is one way to get into the lead generation category that is long term.  What happens if your prospect comes to your blog to read a post and doesn’t like the offer?  They might hit the back button and be gone for good.  If you got that prospect to subscribe to your email newsletter, you could start a dialog by providing information through your newsletter for the long term.  As long as they stay a subscriber, you have a chance to share information and new product and service offers.

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