7 Reasons to start your own business

Do you really need reasons for starting your own business? You might just want to make some extra money.  Maybe it is that large amount of student loans that are right in front of your face.  Maybe you want to create more money to start investing.  Maybe you want to follow your passions and earn some money while doing it.  Why is it so hard to think about starting your own business?  Just take a look at a few reasons that could make you put on the business hat.

1. Unlimited Income

A business does not start off the year saying how much money they are going to make. Businesses don’t get a salary that is set at the first of the year.  A business can make as much money as they can.  It is their duty to do it.  What if you went into your local store and tried to buy an item, but they told you no.  You ask why and they say, we have hit our yearly salary and we are not going to accept any more new business?  Does that sound crazy?  That is what employees live with. No matter how much money employees bring in, they only get paid their salary.  Are you interested in unlimited income?  A business is chance at earning unlimited money.

2. More Time Freedom

Business owners can run the business the way that they want.  Do you want to work at specific times?  Do you want to take off for a vacation?  You are not answering to some outside boss.  You are the one in control.  A business is all about getting the results.  You have more time freedom with a business.  The key is getting job done and making sure that your business runs smoothly.

3. Flexible Schedule

Do you like working late?  Are you better working super early in the morning?  Your business might just be making sure that the work gets done from a management perspective.  The business owner is concerned with delivering.  There are lots of different kinds of businesses and they don’t have to fit into the 40 hours a week model.

4. Sell Your Business

One of the reasons to start a business is to be a position one day to sell it.  What happens after all the years of work for a company as an employee?  They might give you a retirement party.  You might just get outsourced or experience layoffs.  A business is a completely different animal.  Have you ever heard of business owners selling the company and making money?

5. Creative Freedom

A business owner can come up with new products and test them in the marketplace.  Do you have an idea for a new product or service?  If you are an employee, you might have to get the new idea approved?  What if they say no?  You are done.  A business owner has the ability to leverage creative freedom.  Business owners make the decisions on what the priorities are.

6. Taxes

Business owners have to pay taxes.  They just get to do it differently than employees.  Employees just get the paycheck after the taxes have been taken out.  Businesses have a little more control over how they deal with taxes.

7. Making Decisions

Are you ready to take on decision making?  Business owners make the call.  What is going to be the strategy? What is going to be the focus?  Do you have the stuff it takes to become a business owner and start making decisions?  You are making decisions everyday.  Doing it in a business is just a different set of circumstances.

There are lots of different reasons to start a business.  You don’t have to wait.  Start getting more materials on how to start a business and decide if it is something that you should add as a goal.  Don’t just think about yourself when you think about business.  Some people start businesses that grow large enough to provide jobs for family members.  Some businesses grow large enough that the business can be handed from one generation to the next.  Think about how you can take your skills and abilities and leverage them into a business venture.

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