Home Business Education using Youtube

What are you watching on Youtube

You can really use youtube as a classroom.  There are lots of entertaining videos on youtube, but there is another goldmine of information available.

If you don’t know about a subject, you can type in what you are looking for and get some really great information.  You might not be able to get into MIT Business School, but guess what?  You can listen to some of the lectures.

You can watch some of the MBA Level courses in Finance.  Even if you don’t fully understand all of the information that is presented, it can still give you an overview of topics of importance.

If you don’t know the details about the topic covered, you can just pull up another video and start to learn and understand.  The information is being provided, but you have to take advantage of it.

Now you can start picking up more information that can help your home business and you can do it online.  There are always going to be entertaining viral videos that catch the attention of the masses.  Now you know that there is some real valuable information available on youtube that you can put to use in your home business.

Subscribe to the videos and watch them when you have some free time.  You might even want to take it to the next step and purchase the books that are used in the class.  Some of the prices might shock you.  If you don’t want to buy the exact book, you could find a similar text or look at book rental services.

Sometimes there is a disconnect between learning in the classroom and putting the information into practice in the real world.  Now you can go online and get a better understanding on some of the subjects that might have confused you a little bit earlier in life.  There might be some real world applications for some of the higher math classes that you wondered about.

Turn the World Into Your Office