30 Tips for Starting Your Online Business

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  1. Get your own domain name
  2. Start a free blog
  3. Get your own web hosting
  4. Learn how to use wordpress
  5. Get a gmail account / Google Apps account
  6. Setup google analytics for your sites
  7. Use the google free keyword tool
  8. Get a google voice number
  9. Sign up for skype
  10. Get an instant messaging account aim
  11. Download audacity to record audio versions of your blog post
  12. Join clickbank
  13. Get a paypal account
  14. Get a smartphone
  15. Start making quick videos
  16. Learn basic html and web development skills
  17. Visit online forums in your niche
  18. Create a facebook page
  19. Create a twitter page for your online business
  20. Create a linkedin page for your online business
  21. Create a pinterest page for your online business
  22. Create a squidoo page for your online business
  23. Create a youtube page for your online business
  24. Write articles and post them on article directories
  25. Create free ebooks and pdfs
  26. Create an email newsletter
  27. Keep your blog updated with new content and use private label rights content
  28. Join cost per action marketing networks
  29. Sign up for Google Adsense program
  30. Sign up for Amazon Associates Program
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