20 Tips for Online Marketing

  1. Form an online marketing plan
  2. Find low cost and no cost marketing options
  3. Break the marketing work up into simple steps
  4. Use different media formats for content
  5. Learn about offline marketing to drive traffic online
  6. Learn how to leverage social media
  7. Write free informational products
  8. Create short informational videos and post them online
  9. Do keyword research to find highly searched terms with low competition
  10. Learn about creating attention grabbing headlines
  11. Take lots of pictures and keyword tag them.
  12. Learn about blogging and microblogging and use them.
  13. Find the free ways to get things done
  14. Search for your audience online.  Where do they hang out online?
  15. Start looking at the demographics of the sites that you follow online
  16. Add more twitter followers.
  17. Follow more twitter users.
  18. Post informational tweets and facebook updates.
  19. Don’t sell with every status update.
  20. Give away more informational and educational products online.
Turn the World Into Your Office