20 Things About Affiliate Marketing

    1. Easy to get started
    2. You can do affiliate marketing from just about anywhere
    3. There are lots of different affiliate promotion methods
    4. Lots of different affiliate marketing programs
    5. Some affiliate networks are easy to get approved
    6. Some affiliate networks are slow to approve new affiliates
    7. Affiliate programs can stop and start over again
    8. Affiliate programs can change affiliate networks
    9. Affiliate networks can shut down
    10. Affiliate networks can have various payment methods
    11. Affiliate programs can have different payment cycles
    12. Affiliate programs can focus on digital or physical products or both
    13. Some affiliate programs provide affiliate tools like banners, articles and content
    14. It can be hard to keep up with all your different affiliate logins
    15. Affiliate links can expire.  Think twice about direct linking to offers
    16. Some offers offer recurring commissions
    17. Some programs have instant payments
    18. Getting rejected at some networks is just part of the fun
    19. Some affiliate programs have contests
    20. Affiliate managers can change over time

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