Social Media Apps and Your Niche Blogging

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What is commission heaven?


Internet marketing and staying on the top of the trends means staying attached to the sites that people are using. The social media applications are ripe with the information and the eye balls of people that want to stay in the know.

The social media apps might have different types of focus and a different demo from one to another. Checking news is simple with sites like twitter and facebook. Pinterest is one of the social media sites that is geared around photos. The commenting section and the sharing is where the social comes in.

The social media applications like snapchat and instagram are also hot. Doing videos and taking photos is becoming the the thing to do. It could be taking selfies on your smartphone or recording some cool videos and posting them on the web. The technology is making it easier to share and people are getting use to the idea of social media apps.

Some might still be thinking about marketing with blogs and they might still have some impact, but people are flocking to the social media apps.  The social profiles are just one more option for reaching people.  Getting creative with images and videos and sharing them online with social media is just another chance to go viral.

Linking to the blog posts on social status updates might be a way to start reviving some of the older posts.  The social websites are another place to market.  The niche blogging market and the niche social market are like the match that is made for each other.


Basketball Playoffs

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People will be talking about the Warriors coming back from being down 3-1 to the Oklahoma Thunder. The stayed around, got focused and eventually pulled it out. The people interacted online and they gave their comments and created images and memes. The internet is great when it comes to reactions to the stuff that is going on real time.

The pure comedy of the creativity of people just goes to show that there are plenty of talented people in the world. They post their creations online and the whole world has a chance to recognize their talent and put some respeck on their name.

Before the game even started, the tv sports channel was covering the pregame warm ups. The pregame routine is normally something that people don’t care about, but the warriors have turned it into something else. It is a thing.

One of the things about the warriors is that they are changing the game. They have no problem taking those open looks. They cast the ball with confidence and they knock them down. They miss some jumpers, but they also take a lot of jumpers from long range.

Are you playing the game like the safe, slow it down basketball teams?

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Video Marketing – Are you going to join the social media video craze?

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Social media with snapchat, periscope and youtube making videos.  The online niche of blogging and coming up with new informational and fun videos might lead to experimenting with new topics.

Sitting at the computer and thinking about a plan.  Starting with an overall marketing goal and thinking about where things are.  The online web is global and there is no telling who is going to be watching your videos.  Video marketing is also long term marketing.  The videos are going to be online like little pieces of popcorn that lead back to a main road.


What is going to be your main road for the videos that you are placing online?  It might be blogs with more video content or blogs with lots of article content.  Mailing lists could also be part of this plan.  The videos posted on the web hosted on platforms, but you don’t own them.  Some of the video channels have been pulled down.

Keeping backups of the videos created seems like a good idea.  People hear about channels getting closed, but they still ignore it as a real chance of happening.  Backing up information applies to everything.  Just like backing up your computer is a good idea, doing it for the videos that are created also falls into this category.


Making videos with different types is a good idea.  Take a look at some of the videos that are getting lots of views.  Some videos might be viral while others might be on topics that people are interested in learning about.  Educational videos or how to videos seem like a good option for long term viewer video traffic.  It might be videos on hot trending topics like python programming language or mongodb.  People want to learn and the internet videos on mobile devices make educational videos a real option.

One of the hot topics these days is snapchat.  Are you thinking about snapchat?  Some might not know what do snapchat ghost mean.  Some might be thinking about access snapchat photo.  While you might have no clue about snapchat username lookup, other people are learning about snapchat trohpy case topic and jumping in.

Social Media Video Marketing

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What is commission heaven?

Searching for traffic and looking at some of the keywords that are popular is a way to sit by the stream to see what is happening.  The internet websites that focus on the keyword tools that don’t require a payment means looking at sites like some of the lower tier pay per click advertisers.

Social media applications and connecting with friends is a traffic source.  Learning what people are searching around the topic of social media might include typing in the social app on the keyword tool.  Checking the amounts of money per click and the number of searches is eye opening.  Looking at one social network versus another and the amounts that people want to pay to get in front of the audience will guide some thinking.


Business owners might not be paying attention to the social media changes.  It can happen easily.  New sites pop up and become hot and other social media programs start to fade.  What is the marketplace doing around the mobile apps?  It might be opening up the google play store and the apple store to find the hot trending apps.

Video social media marketing is the new option for marketing.  The older ways of article marketing might not be gone, but there are lots of people that have smartphones and they are consuming internet videos.  Getting into the video marketing traffic lane might be a good idea for business owners looking to find traffic sources outside of just doing articles on article directories.  Trying new traffic sources hoping to find a commission glitch or a way to take advantage means staying plugged into the different online sources.



Working at home typing articles and hitting the publish button on blogs is not going to be the only marketing method in play.  Companies are on the hunt for more marketing channels that can help bring in the traffic that they desire.   Getting there before everyone else means investing some time.

Are the companies going to give up on the working from home article writers that are creating the blogging content that will sit on the blogs for years to come?  The evergreen blogging content might stick around longer than some of the social media apps that go from hot to cold.

The internet social media trending keywords may change over time.  Creating content from home to post on niche blogging options might still be a good mix with the social media apps.  The traffic has to go somewhere and going to a blogging site might be a good direction.  Going from video content to a blog niche site is a big missing piece.  Learning how to do the video marketing might have some business owners grasping at straws.  How are the videos going to be made for social media?  Are there other ways of getting traffic from social media without doing the videos?  Some might not want to get on camera, but they still want to get the benefit of video traffic.

smartphone-593348_1920  Building up social media followers takes time.  Some biz owners might want to buy social media followers.  The idea of just picking up followers over time by putting out content or spending money to get followers is a question that can be asked.  Video marketing is powerful and getting more subscribers signing up and watching content may be the ultimate goal.

Brainstorming and Watching Site Selling Marketplaces

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What is commission heaven?

Spending time on the treadmill thinking about different niche websites to build and watching tv at the same time. The day gets started and the exercise helps. Usually the smartphone is the focus of the attention, but today is going to be different. No distractions with youtube or the latest hip hop songs. This is just thinking and looking up at the tv screens for a few moments.

What are going to be the niches? The steps are pounding on the treadmill and the clock is counting down. The pace is kind of slow you start thinking to yourself. You want to go faster. You reach up to the treadmill settings and start hitting the button. Yep. Much better. The timed treadmill walk is not going to turn into a run. Just brisk walking and thinking.

The idea will be to go back and check the flippa website to see what is still open and what has ended with a sale. The niches are interesting. Celebrity websites, golf and travel seem to be popular. What else is starting to happen often? Looking at the wordpress themes is also helpful. Noticing that a theme is getting used over and over for different niches is interesting.


Clicking on some of the website listing and reading about the traffic is a no brainer. What are they doing to get this traffic? Some are talking about social media traffic and others are getting it from the search engines. Checking the ways that they are making money is also something on the table. Learned about a cpa company that I never heard of before.

Google adsense is not the only way for earning income on some of these sites. It looks like selling services with websites is also an option. Are you even considering reselling as an option? Ecommerce type sites are also in the mix. Some of the sites don’t even have unique content, but they are selling.

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5 Affiliate Marketing Options

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1. clickbank – Signing up with clickbank is simple. Grab the clickbank affiliate urls and get on the road to promoting online. Finding affiliate products and integrating them into your online sites is not that difficult.


2. jvzoo – Instant affiliate payment networks are trending. Applying to different vendors means that you might get approved or declined. Finding information on hot topics like plr or some of the training programs focused on social media or cpa is plentiful. Software is also another product worth checking on jvzoo.

3. warriorplus – The instant affiliate offers are coming on strong. WarriorPlus is another one. Lots of offers on this platform. Getting approval to promote offers is also the case here. Don’t get down if you get declined. Just keep on applying to offers and promoting. It does suck to get declined and added to someones mailing list. I unsubscribe if they don’t let me in to promote.


4. – Lots of affiliate offers. Applying to each program is required. Lots of affiliate programs from companies that you will recognize. Lots of web hosting offers. Plenty of banners and text links for your websites. Enter your profile information and apply. Getting declined is a downer, but there are lots to choose from. They also have paypercall ads for some programs.

5. amazon associates – Everybody knows about amazon. Physical products and more are here. Grabbing links on amazon is simple. Getting images, banners and text links ( short links too ) is easy on the amazon site. Why not add another aff program to your online website mix?

5 Reasons for Starting a Business

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1. Unlimited Income – Working and making money as an employee means having a cap on your income. The employee knows pretty much how much money they are going to make during the year. The employee might get bonuses or overtime, but the base salary is set. Unlimited income in a business might become a motivating factor. The chance to make as much money as possible without income caps might cause some people to veer off towards going into business. There are ups and downs with business and this has to also be taken into consideration.


2. Create a Legacy – There is something about having a company that is passed down. Starting something that can last is a big deal. Look around at some of the businesses that are still in existence that were created decades ago. The names of the founders might still be on the signs and logos.

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3. Create Jobs – Businesses can grow and they can turn into opportunities for others. The one person business may grow larger and create opportunities for others to earn income with employment. Some people don’t want to start companies. They might love working as an employee with a stable paycheck.

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4. Become Your Own Boss – Taking on the risk of creating your own paycheck is a big deal. Calling the shots on what gets done is a big deal. Creating a plan and turning ideas into products and services and being the final decider is huge. Some people want to take the leadership role and they launch out on their own and make the up or down decisions and live with the consequences.

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5. Create a Better Solution – The problems are always in front of regular people. A business owner might come up with a better way to deal with problems. Creating solutions and taking them into the marketplace and watching the result might be the road. There are lots of ways to get things done, but business owners might see a different twist and create a new lane.

Becoming a Business Owner

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What is commission heaven?

Getting up everyday with the dreams of building a business and not doing it is another lost cause. The idea of coming up with something new to sell or improving a process is a big deal.

Breaking away from the employee thinking and getting on the other side of the table and making money in a different way is a big shift in thinking. Taking a chance on becoming a business owner and dealing with the risks and the ups and downs might be too much to handle for some.


Taking those first steps into doing something outside of a job might be simple. It could be purchasing web hosting and starting to blog. It could be setting up google adsense. It could be learning how to do affiliate marketing on clickbank. It might seem like to far of a road to travel.

Earning money online to help pay bills might be the motivator. The months roll around quickly and things need to be paid every month. Car payments, insurance payments, student loan payments, rent and netflix are there. Finding another income stream to help deal with those recurring outflowing streams of income might mean doing something outside of just the regular nine to five job situation.


Taking the time from the schedule to start learning about doing business should not be an optional thing. Some people have no issue when it comes to learning how to make money through business. Some are jumping into the fray with the ideas and dreams of making it big in business.

Learning about marketing and learning about becoming a boss and how to create sales means taking a chance on yourself. What is holding people back from getting on the front line? It is almost like being in class and the teacher asks a question, but nobody wants to put up their hand to take the first go at it. Is it the fear of looking bad in front of peers? Is it the fear of not knowing the right answer? Is it the fear of failing?

Businesses do fail. Companies go out of business all the time. New trends come and things that are popular become unpopular. It is just how it goes. Just think about some of the stores that you use to visit in the past, but you don’t go there anymore. Change is real all the time.


What does it take to get on the business owner side of the table? Seeing yourself as the person that is at the front of the business means being ready to deal with issues. Business owners want to reap the rewards for taking the risks.

Starting a business might also be about creating something new that is needed in the marketplace. It might be coming up with a new way to teach programming. Maybe it is putting a spin on blending programming and coding with hip hop. Maybe it is a new software program that makes it easier for learning a new language? The business could be just making lots of entertaining or educational videos on youtube.

Creating an image of yourself as the head of a business could be a starting point. What are you going to look like as the business owner? How does your new office look? What car are you driving? Where are you traveling? Who are you meeting with?

Build Sites – Niche Web Development

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What is commission heaven?


How are you going after income online?  Are you sitting at your desktop computer and coming up with new sites everyday?  Are you writing content for hours at a time?

Building websites and hoping to get income from adsense is one of those older ideas about how to earn money online.  The old days of just putting up a web page and loading a little content and expecting the ad dollars to just roll in are probably far fetched.

Creating more and more blogs and pages means thinking about going after traffic from other sources.  The search engines are not the only game in town when it comes to traffic.  There is still the offline world.  Social media traffic is also an option.  There are lots of people that join the social networks.  The large numbers of people means this is another opportunity to chase the traffic.

Building sites and creating social media accounts seems like a smart outlook for the future.  Status updates and videos might be the future traffic source.  Social media status updates flow really fast.  Trending topics can be hot in the right now, but over time they could fade.  Thinking about generating content in the evergreen fashion might be a good idea.

Getting sites built and thinking about the offers to promote could include amazon associates, outsourcing services like fiverr, or going after cpa offers.  Building lots of niche websites might also include the thinking of flipping sites.

Checking the web sites for sale on flippa and looking at the traffic sources might be informational.  Checking the different niches might provide some clues.  Viewing the web sites for sale on flippa versus checking the prices of the sites that sell can be interesting.

Home Office – Working On The Internet

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Online income the hunt is ongoing. People want to learn how to make money from home and it is not a bad idea. Working online from home without having to drive long distances to make income is the option.

Sitting down at home office desks and turning on the power button of the laptop and checking the wifi internet connection for an open internet connection and using the web to make money is the overall option that people want to enjoy.

It might be doing something from home that is simple. Doing the online surveys from the survey companies that are on the hunt for more data could be a chance. Entering information on the web survey sites and then applying to the open surveys and seeing the money totals go up makes people think about making income online.

Taking it to the next step might include doing the affiliate marketing from home. From the previous example of the internet survey companies, thinking about how to spread the referral links to other people that want to earn online from home might take up the whole day.

The ideas might turn on like the lamp that is sitting on the large computer desk in the corner. The idea of building blogs and doing it faster with speed blogging and thinking about the long term potential passive income might seem like listening to a high speed edm dance song. The thumping beat might seem like the ideas coming on a freeway.

The affiliate marketing could continue with more content and articles geared towards the newsletter lane. Putting up sign up boxes on blogs and creating auto responder information with affiliate offers might be more open than doing the regular affiliate offers on the front page of a site.

After learning how to setup sites, the thinking might shift to creating more sites for selling down the road. The number of niches can be huge and after getting the first one done, the chance for more becomes apparent.

Niche web marketing from home might include building lots of cheap domain names up into something of value to others. The domain name flipping and web site flipping could be potential future income streams. Buying good quality domain names while they are on sale and adding content is like planning for the future.

The various affiliate marketing programs and networks might contain high numbers of offers. Building lots of niche websites and blogs means having a location to promote those offers. Some of the aff networks might expire or move to other networks, but having lots of options for offers means the niche websites or blogs are ready to deal with the change.

Working at home on the internet using the computer is a competitive option. Lots of people can get in because there is no real barrier of entry. Getting approved for affiliate marketing and working from a home office location still means getting to the conversions.

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